Big Changes

Dear Momma,

Lots has happened since you left us.  We are finally, FINALLY buying a new, bigger house!!!  It actually has enough bedrooms for everyone!  None of the kids will have to share a room now!  And there are TWO bathrooms!!!  I can’t wait to close on it and move in!  Of course, that means after 7 years I have to go back to work.  We’ll have to pay two mortgages until we sell this house, but it just one hurdle we have to face.  You know we’d do anything for our kids!

When we move, the kids will be going to a new school.  I really hope we like this new one.  Lord knows how much I hate the school they’re in now!!  But you would be so proud of K!!!  She has been on the honor roll every grading period!!  And also the principal’s A-Team!  I love it!  Of course, it’s only kindergarten, but it’s still really exciting!  Jake hasn’t been as lucky.  He’s really struggling, and I sometimes wonder if your death has anything to do with it.  In any case, we’ve had to up his meds.  I’m hoping to see an improvement on his next report card.

L is getting so big, Momma!  Oh my goodness!  I’m so, so sorry you have to miss all this!  He used to be super chunky!  Rolls and rolls!  He has been consistently slimming down since he’s become more mobile.  The doctor said that he’s starting to slide off the curve like his sister.  All I could do was laugh!  My tiny babies!  I was really  hoping for a chubs, but I love them all just the same!  L is one year old now, and he took his very first solo steps on Mother’s Day!!  I really wanted to call you and tell you the news!  I was so excited and it was the very best gift I could have gotten on that day.  I love him, Momma!  This little boy who never got to meet his grandma, he’s amazing!

I’ve been working out again.  Trying to get back in shape.  I want to live for a very long time, and overweight people generally don’t live for a long time!  Sometimes I get lazy, but I’m trying to stay motivated!  I have a goal I’m working towards, 50lbs!  Ideally, I’d love to lose 50lbs!  So that’s what I’m going to do right now, work on me.  I love you, Momma!  I hope you’re proud of me!

Love you with all my heart, Momma!



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